10 Reasons to Take a Long Walk Today

Chill out.

When the assignment stress, the work stress, the relationship stress, the insert-bane-of-your-existence-here stress gets too much, unleash your pent up frustration on the footpath. Beat that sucker, one step after another, and let your brain off the hook for a little while.


Get some exercise.

Get up off of that thing, and walk till you feel better. It might not be the most efficient form of exercise, but anyone can do it, and anyone can enjoy it. If you’re feeling enthusiastic (or just overly optimistic), wear sports gear and throw in a bit of running. It’s your walk, do it how you want.


Get inspired.

I carry a notebook and pen in my pocket when I go walking. Being alone with my thoughts + outside stimulus = lightbulb moments. I wrote all these subheadings at various points of a long beach walk.


People watch.

Encourage a little curiosity in yourself. I saw a woman today with five children under ten years of age, all dressed in matching stripes. Huh. Sometimes, there’s nothing more entertaining than an oddball (apparently, that’s the main reason people keep me around). 

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.07.28 am

Meet someone new. 

It doesn’t even happen to be human. As a dog-less dog lover, I’m a repeat offender for pat-stealing. For a few seconds at a time, I can steal someone else’s four-legged friend and pretend like I’m loved. If it’s human interaction you’re after, make eye contact and smile at everyone you pass, and see what happens. Don’t forget to take of your sunnies, or you’ll get a whole lot of confused half-smiles from people who aren’t sure if you’re looking at them or just having a private chuckle. Or, you know what? Go right ahead, keep those sunnies on, mess with as many heads as you can. Throw in a demented cackle periodically for extra effect.funny-eye-contact-job-interview-banana

Check out the world you live in.

Discover something. A new shortcut, an overgrown path, a quirky cafe, a secret passage to Hogwarts—you never know what you’ll stumble across. Find your nearest bush track, beach, mountain, rolling meadow, park, anywhere that makes you glad to live in a beautiful world. If you’re more the city type and allergic to nature, head for historical or cultural hubs. Notice cloud shapes and catalogue each sound you can hear.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.56.28 am

Get some fresh air.

Feel that breeze? Good, isn’t it? Nothing beats lethargy like the wind in your face.


Enjoy alone time.

Everyone needs some quiet time once in a while. I personally fancy myself a lone wolf—which is really just a romanticised way of saying people bug me. Ugh. Sure, everyone likes hanging out, having a laugh, but sometimes there’s nothing I’d rather do than head out the door for some quiet time.


Deal with your problems.

Sometimes all you need is a clear head and a new perspective to find wonderful solutions to all your worries, but no promises. More likely, you’ll find that all the crappy things in your life don’t seem so troubling anymore. Dirtbag boyfriend leaving you for another woman? Hah! He’s her problem now, good luck sister. Boss being a dick? Welcome to the story of everyone in… Oh, that cloud looks exactly like a rabbit, and everything else in the world is now irrelevant. But seriously, for the really heavy stuff, getting away for a little while can be the best thing. Grieving is a personal journey and while support is important, so is time alone to process your thoughts.


Satisfy your wanderlust. 

Sleep. Eat. Work. Repeat. Need a change in your routine, but can’t afford that holiday? Walk out into the world. Tell no-one where you’re going (unless, of course, you’re headed into a shady neighbourhood, I won’t be held responsible for your abduction). Go wherever your feet take you, and revel in the romanticism of it all.



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