A Shout-Out to the Scribblers

Admit it, two-hour lectures are a slog, particularly at this time of semester. The post-holiday reserves of motivation are exhausted, the academic jargon no longer makes sense, and our pen-hand longs to be doing something, anything other than taking notes on this junk.

Over the years, we’ve found ourselves scrawling things in notebook margins, or simply given up on attentiveness and surrendered to our more creative side.  All the seemingly irrelevant readings, late nights spent staring at laptops, the days full of be-there-by-then, the facts and figures we parrot in essays to make points we don’t really believe—amongst all this, we shall doodle, no matter whether we can draw a passable stick figure or not. Indeed, “kinda pretty” or “kinda cool” is all we could hope our scribbles would be, but really, who cares? There’s nothing to gain here, no criteria to fill. It’s just us.

So those assignment due-dates may be coming for our souls, but until that day (or rather, the night before), we’ll express our pseudo-freedom to doodle as we please.

In celebration of this, I’ve compiled a collection of doodles by fellow students. May the fruits of their distraction provide inspiration to uni drones everywhere.

IMG_4045IMG_3988IMG_3991IMG_3997 IMG_3989IMG_4024IMG_3999IMG_4025 IMG_4042 IMG_3990 IMG_4026 IMG_4036IMG_4038


What’s your style? Send a snap of your scribble to francesca_mcmackin@hotmail.com.

(I previously had this reading “Send a snap of your doodle”, but was afraid this could be deliberately misconstrued by some funny bastards.)


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